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All essential oils should be used safely to treat various conditions and promote inner peace and relaxation. However, not all essential oils are safe. In fact, some of them may negatively interact with prescription and OTC medicines or can increase their power. It is therefore imperative to conduct due diligence, which may include talking with a aromatherapist training before starting to use essential oils. Essential oils that are generally considered safe are lavender and tea tree oil.

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Essential oil of lavender is created by the extraction of oil from the lavender plant. It is used for medicinal purposes and enjoyment. Studies have shown that lavender oil is effective in treating hair loss, stress, insomnia, and even acts as an anti-bacterial agent. It can be used for effectively with massage and acupuncture. Lavender is believed to be capable of improving sleep, helping people to relax and relieve the mood by slowing down the nervous system. In Germany, Lavender tea is given to people who suffer from the inability to sleep. Lavender oil is believed to be able to help people who suffer from headaches, acne, the eczema and fungal infections.

Tea tree oil is another essential oil that is safe to use. It is very likely to find many products that are infused with tea tree oil in your local beauty supply store or even Wal-mart.

There are some precautions to be taken. Some studies have found the tea tree oil may affect hormones and can cause breast tissue to enlarge in children. Consequently, you may not want to allow your child teenager to use it. Tea tree oil is generally safe for external use, but should never be taken internally.

However, tea tree oil has very good uses. It can be used to assist in the healing of burns, cuts and skin infections. Other common uses include the treatment of acne, dandruff, eczema, boils, psoriasis, thrush, dandruff and athletes foot.

Tea tree oil and lavender oil are two of the safest essential oils available. It is generally considered safe by the traditional and alternative health communities. If you have questions about any destination in any of these essential oils, it is recommended that you speak with an aromatherapist who can give proper guidance.

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