Today, there is an influx of diet to low belly fat. Different diet...

Today, there is an influx of diet to low belly fat. Different diet programs are devised to help an individual achieve a healthier lifestyle and a slimmer body.

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Some diets to lose belly fat that you may follow to remove the beer belly are;

Scarsdale Medical Diet

The Scarsdale Medical Diet is introduced by New York Physician Herman Tarnower and co-author Samm Sinclair Baker. It is a weight loss diet system that employs a low fat and a low calorie diet. It is a diet program that extends for 28 days. The first 14 days is devoted to following a strict structured diet. The next 14 days is still in keeping with the structured diet program, but introducing new kind of food is already allowed.

South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is designed by dietician Marie Almon and cardiologist Arthur Agatston. The diet program uses a method that substitutes what they refer to as bad carbs and bad fats to good carbs and good fats. The diet is divided into three phases.

The Atkins Diet Program

The Diet Program is created and named after Robert Atkins. The Atkins diet is a proponent of eating fewer amounts of carbohydrates. The diet program is based on the process that converts or switches the bodys metabolism to an intense fat burning metabolism rather than energy burning.

The Pritikin Principle

The Pritikin Principle or the Pritikin Diet and Exercise program was developed and was named after Nathan Pritikin. The diet program is described by it's creator as the mankinds original meal plan. The description was due to the fact that the diet program is plan that focuses on eating unprocessed to minimally processed foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Vegan Diet or Veganism

The Vegan diet is a diet program that denounces eating meat. There are certain movements within the diet program. Some vegans strictly follow the no meat meal plan. Other vegans are proponents of a low-fat vegan diet.

Diet programs are devised to lessen fat and calorie intake. But these programs are more effective when done with exercise. A diet to lose belly fat should be combined with the proper exercises.

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