What a brilliant weekend

What a brilliant weekend. Its been a rare thing recently for me to look back over a couple of really perfect days. I'm feeling wistful and not wanting to get back into the usual routine after a four day holiday! Mind you, from today my routine is totally different and new as I start my new job as a practice nurse:)

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The weekend started at triangle farm where Mr T and I had a craft stall with the lovely Stacey from Oink Design. We we're opposite the BBQ and so as well as consuming copious amounts of chocolate and caffeine, there was home reared bacon and beef burgers galore! We had a great time cuddling baby rabbits and lambs and meeting baby piglets, foals and calves. Mr T found snakes and a tarantula to pet in the education room..I chose to avoid that part! Yeuccch!

Sunday was a drizzly soggy day so we spent it quietly. After the Easter service from Canterbury Cathedral and messages to and from family things we're brighter and I put a 1.5kg shoulder of lamb on. Served with spring vegetables, roast potatoes, redcurrant jelly and homemade mint sauce. It was really really wonderful. I am not usually a lover of lamb, but this really was the business. Not a scrap was wasted. Monday's dinner was shepherds pie and the two shoulder bones went to our friends huskies. Everyone is happy when you cook responsibly.

Monday was divine. The soggy splurge had departed and apart from two large puddles in the seats of the chairs on the patio, the evidence of rain had also gone. We have been in Cambridge for two months now and it is really feeling like home. Its diverse, bohemian and really pretty. I feel really blessed to live here and am starting to actually settle! We decided to go to the university botanic gardens for the first time. We had talked about going, but then life just happens. We invited a good friend and her three little ones and headed over on the bus.

The bluebells are out in Cambridge! What a beautiful place. We spent hours wandering around looking for beasties amongst gorgeous colours and amazing scents. I satisfied myself with plentiful purples!

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