This color deserves more love...

The color pink was one of my first loves and I still believe in it's transformational power.

For those of you who went to ballet classes as a child, I suspect you remember your first pink tutu. For me, that tutu was a source of incredible power it transformed me into a superpower, an angel and a princess. There was nothing that was beyond my skills and talents when I wore my tutu. Which, of course, is why my mother could rarely get me to take it off. Had I been allowed to sleep in it, I am sure I would have dreamt of pink sheep.

Pink still makes me smile. When I wear it, I feel my most feminine and beautiful. When pink flowers grace my hallway, I take a moment when I get home simply to appreciate them. After years of believing that my bedroom should be gender neutral, I bought a silk pink blanket and I lavish in the moment I crawl into bed.

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For those of you who, like me, have worked in corporate environments or really any work environment, pink somehow has a bad reputation. It is silly, immature, "girly." It is as if our only association with pink is Barbie before the days of "working Barbie."

I question why pink is so unacceptable, so adverse to being considered serious or committed. My mind works just as well when I am wearing pink and, frankly, it probably works better because when I feel my most beautiful I also feel my most confident.

Maybe the color you love isn't pink. Maybe it really is black, or maybe it's baby blue. But whatever it is, you should wear it. You should have a pair of PJs, a slinky dress, a pair of high heels and, yes, a suit in your favorite color. And if that color is associated with femininity, so what? All the statistics show that companies that have a greater percentage of women on their Boards of Directors perform better. Clearly there is something in the "feminine" that is a winning proposition.

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