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Some researchers say that coffee is one best source of antioxidants. When oxygen is being used by our cells, it creates radicals which damage other cells. The antioxidant's role is to cure or repair the damaged cells and prevent it from being damaged. Both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee has contained similar number of antioxidants.

Caffeinated coffee, however, helps raises the cholesterol level on your body because caffeinated coffee has these two substances (cafestol and kahwoel) and both are known to raise the cholesterol in your body. On the other hand, decaffeinated coffee tends to be similar to caffienated coffee because a link has been found among decaffeinated coffee and cholesterol increase. Researchers say that decaffeinated coffee has linked in cholesterol increase because of the bean used for the decaffeinated coffee.

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The findings of the study did not mean that regular intake of coffee cannot be harmful to our health. Research says that too much coffee can actually raise the possibilities of having a heart disease. Research also found out that people who often drink coffee has problems in their major blood vessels in the body in comparison to those people who drink less coffee. It is therefore, recommended that a person who has the high blood and those who are prone to heart disease to limit the daily quantity of coffee intake. Other researchers say that coffee helps in reducing the possibility in increasing your blood pressure, but, it is, however, better if we can control the intake of coffee everyday to avoid such things.

Coffee has also a role to play regarding other diseases like cancer, diabetes, and Parkinson's disease. Though it is not yet very clear, but coffee may have anti- cancer properties. Some studies show that there is about 50% of coffee drinkers are less prone to having liver cancer than those who are non-coffee drinkers.

For those who are fond of drinking a lot of coffee everyday. Some studies show that about 50% of those who heavily drink coffee have fewer chances of having diabetes. It has been proven that coffee reduces chemical that lowers your blood sugar. Drinking coffee also helps increase your resting metabolism rate, which can also help you to be less prone to having diabetes.

Good news for men who drink coffee. Some studies also show that coffee protects men from having Parkinson's disease. Experts say that one reason why only men can be protected from Parkinson's disease is that of sex differences. It has been found that estrogen and caffeine needs same enzymes to be metabolized.

For other who would not want to drink coffee, there is also other option or other food, which contains high anti oxidants. Some examples are colored fruits and vegetables; they are rich in vitamins and minerals, and fiber and have also anti oxidants.

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