Skin Solving the problem from inside out

I have found that in order to have perfect skin, a person must have the correct balance of vitamins and minerals entering the body via two streams their diet and what they put on their skin.

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Outside of environmental matters such as weather or our hormones and genes the only MAJOR factors effecting our skin (and the easiest influence ourselves) are both the internal and external factors which are key to skin's health. Whats internal(the diet we eat) and what's external(what products we put on the skin). Here my aim is share the knowledge that I have dug around to get, in order for you to make wise and life changing decisions on the two factors you can most easily change for your skin, based on informed choice, not smart arse branding.

So we all know the importance of keeping our vital organs healthy, our heart, liver and lungs, but what about our skin? Yes, your skin the body's largest organ! Not only this but it is one of the primary ways that toxins make their way into the body. We have all heard the saying You are what you eatthat's enough to put anyone off a Big Mac and fries, but what about You are what you absorb That really is a frightening thought, especially when I think that one of my inspirations for this article was removal of product lines that contain Parban ( proven to directly cause cancer) from the shelves. I don't want to labour the point, but the awareness of this ingredient in everything from shampoo's to body creme's and mascara has catapulted. This positive result has been in the action(actions speak louder than words)the buying habits that have dictated the change. Unfortunately, scientific proof just isn't enough to protect you. Those big corporations have one thing on the agenda and is called cash money!! Anyway, this isn't a piece about conspiracy or capitalism. Its quite straightforwardly about looking at ways you can influence the health and appearance of your own skin by having the knowledge to choose the right ingredients that are not only harmless, but also beneficial to you.

The skin itself is one of the most powerful indicators of your health. Albeit, wrinkly, dehydrated, dry, oily, acne or inflammation these are all signs of poor internal health, most likely to have been brought on by consuming unhealthy foods and avoiding skin healthy nutrients(through our diet and skin care regime).

It is a mainstream ideology(a made up idea) that topical products such as; lotions, soaps, scrubs, toners and cremes labelled by well-known brands in flagship stores or on display at the local pharmacy, are going to fix the problem. I am attempting to suggest this is the wrong attitude towards treatment. What you are condoning is treating outer blemishes with chemical ladden beauty products that do not address the root cause of the problem, which is far more likely to be poor nutrition and the toxins that have been exposed through your day to day personal care regime(check the labels on the products). If your reading this and thinking, Well, frankly I have been using the brand I buy for years and I am happy with it! I am here suggesting in this passage, that it's not only about enjoying the short term gains(immediate gratification of glowing skin) but that perhaps we should all(myself included) consider the long term damage! Its soon comes round. I hope I am not scare mongering, it's never too late to DETOX

Furthermore, it's most likely that people who are happy with their skin care products(unless they are limited in preservative and all inclusive of essential vitamins and minerals) are possibly in possession of great genes and most likely follow a very balanced diet. I only like to give credit where it's due.

My suggestion is to read the labels and know what to look for. Some ingredients such as DMDM hydantoin(this is a preservative derived from Methol) can commonly cause frightening side effects from itching, hives, burning, scaling, blistering of the skin and these effects are as a result of an immune system response. Whatsmore, it caused cancer when it was injected into rats. I do not condone animal testing and I have deliberated weather to include this statistic. If you too, do not condone it, check the products you buy, do they say NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. If you buy them and they are, you are paying for the continual testing of the product on a helpless creature. Its harsh, but it's true.

Manifestations of what is going on inside are apparent in the skins condition, the body is an amazing thing and it has it's ways of telling! Its up to you to look, listen and react to your own signals.

A final thought if the skin reacts to internal and external factors, then it goes without saying that both need to be addressed. So what vitamins and minerals should we be seeking to consume in both our diet and in the products that we absorb for healthy skin. I have put together a list bellow.

The RAW list of ingredients to look for in the products, I have includes food sources too. Like, I am sure you have heard before all of these ingredients are healthy as part of a balanced diet not in excess. Moreover, they are great ingredients to look out for on labels of beauty products that will be beneficial for you.

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