Researchers announced the results show that PTSD can be cured

Researchers announced the results show that PTSD can be cured successfully among veterans in the six therapy sessions, without drugs, bringing the possibility of assistance to approximately 300,000 soldiers returning from Iraq or Afghanistan disorders with posttraumatic stress.

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According to a pilot study published in the latest issue of the peer review by the International Journal of healing and compassion, veterans with high levels of PTSD saw their levels of post-traumatic stress fall within normal limits after treatment. They reported that the memories of the battle that had haunted, including graphic details of deaths, mutilations, and firefights, dropped in intensity to the point where they no longer resulted in flashbacks, nightmares and other symptoms of post-traumatic stress. The study involved veterans from Vietnam and more recent conflicts.

A Vietnam veteran in the study had been obsessed with the details of the murder of his best friend for 40 years. When two of them went on patrol, his friend always walked to his left. The day of his death, his friend was on his right, and the veteran believed for decades that "my boyfriend had the sniper's bullet that was done for me." After treatment, his guilt evaporated, and he realized that "my boyfriend would have gladly died for me."

practitioners participating in the study had veterans report the emotional intensity those memories on a scale of zero to 10, with 10 being very intense and no one is intensity. They indicated that, during the six sessions, the intensity of most fight memories dropped to zero and there remained thereafter. Measured on standardized psychological questionnaires, levels of veterans in the study of PTSD dropped 50 percent. Their scores also dropped by 49 percent for depression and 46 percent for anxiety , indicating that other psychological problems that often accompany PTSD improved too.

The method used is to veterans who recount their memories of combat trauma, while rubbing or tapping 14 specific acupuncture points on the body. Scientists theorize that linking the mental recall of emotionally disturbing incidents of physical stimulation used by EFT is the body of the person to feel safe. This combines with unprotected memory safe physical stimulus, which breaks the link between emotional trauma and physical stress. After EFT treatments, veterans are still able to remember the incident, but without an emotional charge.

The pilot study is the first step in a large national study of EFT and veterans currently taking place. pilot study yielded highly statistically significant results with only seven veterans, while the national survey collects data from more than 100 veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress. Both are conducted by the Iraq Vets Stress Project.

up to one in four veterans reports PTSD and other psychological problems, the military has been increasingly open to new approaches. These studies are a first step towards implementing effective new therapies in the Veterans Administration system. Their office examines possible alternative therapies that can help veterans. If clinical trials show good results,they said they are "exactly the kind of thing we want to take a look."

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