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Virtual consultations are an efficient way for us to get to know you and your family’s needs better. Our doctors can identify if orthodontic treatment is necessary and provide you with treatment options remotely. We also provide in-office consultations for a nominal fee.

How to Shoot Photos of Your Smile
We recommend you ask a friend to help you take these pictures. Open your mouth wide and tilt your chin up or down for a better view of all your teeth. Do your best to match the following photos and upload them in the form below.
Selfie View: This first picture is the front view of your face showing off your beautiful smile

Profile View: This picture is the right side profile of your face, don’t smile for this one

Front View: The first picture is the front view of your teeth. Bite down on your back teeth and smile. Pull your lips and your cheeks back as much as you can. Then take a close shot.

Right Side: The next picture is your right side. Bite down on your back teeth and pull your cheeks and lips as much as you can without hiding your gums. Make sure you angle the camera so that your back teeth are visible.

Left Side: Same thing on the left side. Just the opposite. Bite down pull your cheek and lips away without hiding your gums and ensure sure your back teeth are in the shot.

Upper Teeth: Open your mouth as wide as you can and tilt your head up. The angle of the camera should come from below.

Lower Teeth: Open your mouth as wide as possible and tilt your head down. You may use your fingers for a better view. The camera angle should come from above.

Need help? Watch the tutorial.

Please upload your photos and fill out the form below

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